Reducing Your Costs is What We Do!

At Pinnacle Health Alliance, our goal is to help our members reduce costs, save valuable time and thereby help you improve the overall level of services you provide.

We offer transparent, comprehensive cost reduction solutions for long-term care, nursing homes, retirement & assisted living facilities.

We help our members leverage the purchasing power of the group to obtain significant discounts from vendors based on the collective buying power of our GAO members.

How Does a Group Alliance Organization Work?

A Group Alliance Organization (GAO) will negotiate contracts with distributors and manufacturers with a focus on providing cost savings for its members while still benefiting the supplier.

Once a contract agreement is reached, the supplier will be available within a GAO’s contact roster. A GAO will not make any purchases itself, however, it will instead connect its members to contracts and suppliers that ensure the members’ supply chain needs are met while also saving them time and money.

GAO Contract Offerings

  • Pharmacy Supplies: Pharmaceutical, vaccines & contact media
  • Medical & Surgical Supplies: Exam gloves, sterile apparel, wound care
  • Facilities & Housekeeping: Janitorial supplies, paper towels & tissues
  • Lab Supplies: Safety phlebotomy, blood glucose, blood gas analyzers
  • Food Service products & services
GPO Group Purchasing Medical Equipment Savings

Client Services

  • Ongoing identification of savings opportunities
  • Continual education & information on agreements, the PHA program, and the healthcare industry
  • Ongoing communication to insure the highest service levels
  • Continual analysis to identify savings, usage, and opportunities
  • Seamless renewal of agreements

Contract Offerings

Upon acceptance as a member by Pinnacle Health Alliance, our highly qualified staff will collaborate with our suppliers to ensure that you are receiving the best pricing for our GAO contracts with our continual goal of saving money for our members while ensuring they have access to the healthcare products their patients require.

How is Pinnacle Health Alliance Different?

  • Community” Price Improvement – As our membership grows and we receive better pricing, you will too!
  • No tier buying requirements to receive the best price. Your savings start on day one.
  • Data Integrity – Your product purchasing information is 100% confidential and secure.
  • Dedicated Inventory – Our distributor will maintain a constant three-month rotating inventory of your commonly ordered products to mitigate supply chain disruptions.
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  • No Call Center – Customer issues and questions are handled directly by authoritative Pinnacle Health Alliance staff and distributor. No need to speak to an operator who has no interest in helping you resolve the reason for your call.

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